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Sour Apples (Apple Orchard Mystery #6)

Sour Apples - Sheila Connolly

This book was really just all right. It's hard for me to really like the characters or care about them and the mystery itself was sort of flat, although it had an interesting premise.


The murderer isn't obvious, buy why the murders were committed is, so the 'reveal' just wasn't all the surprising.


I like reading about the orchard and her struggles as she becomes a 'farmer', but I think the author struggles with the dialogue - characters come across as surly and unpleasant, when it's obvious we're supposed to like them (I am thinking of Bree most of all). The dialogue between Meg and her romantic interest, Seth, has zero spark - so it's a bit hard to care about that relationship either. The book picks up at the end, and there's enough to like about it that I'll probably go on to the next book in the series - but these will never sit near the top of the TBR pile.