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Wall-to-Wall Dead (Do-it-Yourself Mystery #6)

Wall-to-Wall Dead - Jennie Bentley

First, I loved the Prologue - it was a nice surprise and made me start the book off with a smile. I love the relationship between Derek and Avery and the 'supporting cast' is both strong and likeable. The author has really created a very likeable world in this series.


It lost that half star because through a good portion of the book Avery was almost unlikeable - she was suddenly acting like a gossipy, nosey busybody. I realise cozy mysteries somewhat require that the protagonist be nosey, but Avery was just ridiculously and unreasonably nosey in certain parts of the book. A real turn off.


The other bit that was a disappointment - I totally guessed the plot device and the murderer right away. I knew who did it, which sometimes happens, but I also knew exactly why they did it and that's not something that's often obvious. Took away a bit of the fun for me.


Still, this is a great series and the author does a good job with each book. I look forward to the next one and I thank the author very very much for not going the clichéd route and turning Avery and Derek's wedding into a plot for a book!