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Murder for Choir (Glee Club Mystery #1)

Murder for Choir - Joelle Charbonneau

Ok, so I had no intention of reading this book since it screams "Glee Bandwagon" but a GR friend read it and liked it quite a bit, and since we have a lot of reading interests in common, I went ahead and bought it. Then it sat on my TBR for quite some time while I procrastinated picking it up.


I've finally read it and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised! It was a very strong first-in-series.


What I didn't like (very short list): Paige is a bit too much of a busybody throughout the book. Just a little bit over the top. I found myself more than a few times thinking as I was reading, "seriously? you're an idiot... and a bit arrogant to think you can do this better than the detective."


The murderer was obvious to me. This is not a huge deal as it doesn't ruin the book for me at all, but for those that it matters to, this is not an overly tricky plot.


Possible love triangle that if not resolved soon and to my satisfaction will irritate me into quitting the series.


What I did like: Great characters, very descriptively written. I found it very easy to 'see' these people in my head as I read along.


I very much like the detective character and it looks like he's going to be fun to read about in future books.


I also very much like Paige - other than the busybody-ness she's a hoot and I like her ability to give the kids as good as she gets from them.


Killer (the dog's name) was cracking me up by the end of the book. And the aunt is the kind of aunt I'd like to have - a little odd, a lot of fun.  I'm looking forward to the next book, I hope it's as good or better than this one.