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What a Ghoul Wants (A Ghost Hunter Mystery #7)

What a Ghoul Wants - Victoria Laurie

I knew from reading other reviews that this is not a book you read in bed at night, so I chose a nice bright, sunny day to crack this book open.


While I thought there were definitely spooky-ish moments in the book, I thought perhaps the spooky factor had been exaggerated - until 2 of my chickens (who had unbeknownst to me escaped their run) were startled by my cats and squawked outside my window during a tense moment in the book - and I had to scrape myself off the ceiling.


So, perhaps pretty damn spooky after all.  Once my heart rate returned to normal I found this book a LOT of fun - lots of action, lots of ghosts. I loved the mystery behind the whole thing as well. Ms. Laurie did a brilliant job crafting the mystery plot and the ending was everything it should be. I loved the surprise help they get during the final showdown with the Grim Widow; I thought it tied the story up neatly, with everything coming full circle.


My only complaint, as always with this series, is Gilley. I find him to be so selfish and whiny it's hard for me to enjoy his silly antics and harder for me to believe he cares about M.J. at all. *However* I was left with hope in this book, about halfway through when Gilley found a love interest. I have my fingers crossed that this new wrinkle will go a long way towards calming down his character and make him a more positive, likeable part of the team (while still keeping a few of his antics).


This book is not a 5 only because I truly wanted to feed Gilley to the Grim Widow a time or two.  Can't wait for the next one!