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Fonduing Fathers (A White House Chef Mystery #6)

Fonduing Fathers - Julie Hyzy

This series stared out strong enough - some good things, some bad things, but more good than bad, with interesting characters and solid plots.


But the last three books, and this book in particular - outstanding! This story builds a bit slowly, but there's a lot of character development - not only on the part of Ollie and Gav, but in a few of the secondary characters as well and I found that kept the story moving along really well. I love the relationship building between Ollie and Josh and I'm not normally a fan of small children in my books. Authors tend to make them too exaggerated, but Ms. Hyzy makes Josh likeable without being obnoxious or precocious. Very little exposure to Virgil made the story pleasant without the bitter aftertaste.


The story line/plot about Ollie's father and the truth about his military career and death was convoluted and interesting and Ms. Hyzy doesn't give a single thing away until she does. The ending was climatic and was like an action movie in my head: when Ollie lost the plot at the end, I could see it clear as day and felt her fury and terror. That almost never happens to me with a cozy mystery.


The very, very end of this book was just fabulous, leaving me with a grin on my face as I put the book down. I really can't wait for the next book, although I must admit to being a bit unsure about how Ms. Hyzy could possibly top this book.