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Panic Button (Button Box Mystery #3)

Panic Button - Kylie Logan

First off, avoid the acknowledgments until after you've read the book.


I wouldn't say there are spoilers in it, but she does say enough that a plot point is totally given away and the book lost a little something for me because of it.


Plus, I sort of guessed the murderer early although Ms. Logan provided many suspects and motivations.


Still, this is an enjoyable read, with good characters and I like the dynamic between Josie and Nev - it's refreshing to see the romantic interest work with the protagonist (or vice versa) instead of always butting heads. I very much enjoyed the story line about Ardent Lake and the resevoir, but I would have enjoyed it even more had I not spoiled it for myself by reading the acknowledgements at the beginning - I missed out on the build up, I think.


A good entry in a good series, I look forward to the next book.