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Dead Case in Deadwood (Deadwood Humorous Mystery, #3)

Dead Case in Deadwood - Ann Charles

My least favorite so far - but I still really liked it. I think what put me off that half star was the funeral home center of the plot. Funeral Homes just aren't even a little bit interesting to me.


Still, a very good story, and the character development in this book was much stronger than the first two books: Doc and Violet actually have conversations in this book (although, thank goodness, not too many) and the shit hits the fan in a relationship or two. Cooper intrigues the hell out of me and I'm eager to see what Ms. Charles does with his character.


The plot line had a few twists I didn't see coming. I'm looking forward to seeing whether anything will come of Violet and her possible new talents. I'm not sure how I feel about the new bad guy - it feels just a little too out there and going forward with it might reduce the series premise into silliness. We'll have to see. To me, demons and humour just don't mix. At all. And I'd much rather keep the humour and ditch the demons.


I can't wait to dive into the fourth book.