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House Rules (A Chicagoland Vampires Novel #7)

House Rules  - Chloe Neill

Well, number 7 didn't disappoint at all. I really enjoyed this story and the mystery behind the deaths a great deal.  I was pleased to see that Ms. Neill didn't feel like she had to out-do her previous plots (Merit must save the world!). This book is all about taking care of things close to home; endings, beginnings, etc.


There was less snark in this book, but still enough to keep me happy, and it made sense within the story line as Merit tries to figure out how to interact with people without sarcasm. Plus, not a lot of Mallory in this book - again, it was completely in keeping with the overall story line of Mallory's rehabilitation, but I still missed that fabulous, electric rapport between Merit and Mallory. Loved reading about Ethan and Merit together, and I'm liking Jonah's character more and more.