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To Brie or Not To Brie (Cheese Shop Mystery #4)

To Brie or Not To Brie - Avery Aames

Just a so-so read. I really like the characters and the setting, and I like the cheese shop - but the sales pitch that goes with almost every single mention of a cheese or a wine gets annoying. I find myself muttering "blah blah blah" and skipping over it. I don't mind an occasional description, but it's over used and constantly sounds like she's actually trying to sell the reader the cheese.


I also found the arrogance of Charlotte's friends ("you must investigate this murder!") to be insanely ridiculous - and a turn off for me. I enjoy the amateur sleuth definition of a cozy, but not the attitude of "I know better (or "you know better", in this case) than the police and I can solve this crime where they can't". The murder plot itself grabbed my attention right from the start - I like the back story of Jordan's sister coming to the fore, and learning more about her. But I found it dragging and I was losing interest by about midway through - the plot felt a bit messy. I also guessed the murderer fairly early in the story. Overall, not the strongest book in the series, but I'll gladly read the next and hope for tighter writing, with fewer sales pitches.