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Arsenic and Old Cake (A Piece of Cake Mystery #3)

Arsenic and Old Cake - Jacklyn Brady

The best of the series so far.


Previous books have left me feeling flat, but this one held my attention once I got past the ludicrousness of the initial setup: Old Dog Leg thinks his missing-for-40-years brother is back in town but doesn't know if it's really him. The only solution: Rita MUST go undercover as a newlywed at a honeymoon b&b to find out. Really? Flimsy. Even for a cozy.


BUT once you get past that, the story behind the residents of the b&b is interesting, the mystery tied to old secrets. I really enjoyed it, and the ending was unexpected - I never guessed the murderer.


The characters have improved as well, Rita's employees are not quite so insolent as in previous books, for example.  Rita is still weak as a business owner; she seems to prefer stressing out about problems over actually fixing them or even confronting them.


I was ready to give up this series before reading this book, but I'll definitely check out the next one and hope this is a sign of great books to come.