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Sealed With a Curse: A Weird Girls Novel #1

Sealed with a Curse  - Cecy Robson

A fun read I didn't want to put down, in spite of the late hour.


Once I got beyond the silliness that is the big green monsters, I really enjoyed this paranormal universe create by Ms. Robson. Celia is a heroine I can get behind: incredibly powerful, but with a healthy dose of humanity, humour and humiliation. There are elements to Celia's past that if not worked well, will turn her into a woe-is-me victim, but I saw no sign of it in this book.


Each of Celia's sisters is someone a girl can cheer on - each has a kick-ass power and each a distinct personality - although I'd love to see Emme surprise everyone by turning out to be the iron fist inside that velvet glove.


Misha and Aric - well, take your pick; they're both hot and powerful. Normally I'd be fully in Misha's corner: gorgeous, blond, vampiric and Russian, but Ms. Robson actually has me cheering for Aric - even though I'm typically not a fan of werewolves in my Paranormal/UF.


The plot itself - well, it was a solid first effort. I guessed who we'd find at the end of the book responsible for the chaos and mayhem. It felt obvious to me. The author went through too much effort to divert suspicion from this particular foe, making him/her feel like the obvious choice. There were red herrings and plot twists - at least one diversion that was never explained. But over all, I genuinely enjoyed the read and I'm looking forward to reading the second book.