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Lucky Stiff: Mattie Winston Mysteries #4

Lucky Stiff - Annelise Ryan

Ok, I really love this series and I enjoyed this book. But it's not a 4 star read for me for two main reasons:



1. Mattie is a smart, college educated, confident protagonist, so the whole issue with the Casino just did my head in. Really? The author expects us to buy that Mattie is THAT stupid?!?!  


2. Poor Mattie just got screwed over so many times in this book it just became hard to read. Too much emotional jerking around for Mattie AND for me! I don't want to feel a wreck when I'm done reading what I consider a cozy mystery.


Having said all that - it's a really good story. I absolutely love Mattie and Steve together - or not, as the case may be. I like all the characters and I enjoyed her nemesis not being a big part of this story. The humour is a little wacky and fun, a little slapstick. It's because I adore these characters so much that I am so irritated by the events mentioned above. The author does a good job making readers care about these guys and resent when they are made to do stupid things.


There are two mysterious death plots in this story, independent of each other. Both were excellent and not obviously predictable. The resolution of one came as a complete surprise to me.


The book ends with a blatant tie-in to the next book and I hope this next one sees Mattie bouncing back and not getting quite so beaten down by life in general. I hope the author stops abusing the poor woman.  But most of all I hope it's published soon! I can't wait to read it.


NB: This is the second brand-new Kensington Paperback I've read in the last week and the production values of the book itself are disappointingly cheap - even for a paperback.