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Out of Circulation (Cat in the Stacks Mystery #4)

Out of Circulation - Miranda James

So, after reading the last book in this series, I had pretty much decided it wasn't for me and vowed to stop reading the series and move on. But then I had already pre-ordered this book, so it languished on my TBR hill for awhile until I'd read everything else that even remotely interested me more.


I finally picked it up last night and was delighted to find a much, much better story! I enjoyed the murder plot immensely and the pace kept the story moving along at a good clip. No moments where the author just rambles on in the voice of his main character simply to use up space/pages. This story held my attention from beginning to end.


The characters are nothing to get excited about, but neither are they entirely dull as dish water. It's a nice, quiet, sedate cozy mystery for those that like their cozies completely in line with the definition: no language, no violence, no sex and everything homey and peaceful. Even the dead body.