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Other People's Baggage

Other People's Baggage - Diane Vallere, Gigi Pandian, Kendel Lynn

A collection of three short stories with an interesting theme: While each story remains a stand-alone, the heroine of each story flew through the Dallas airport during bad storms on the same day, resulting in each one getting the other's luggage and having to make do with what they find within.


Midnight Ice is probably the weakest of the three stories, mainly because the plot premise felt a bit weak and very contrived. Trying too hard to be clever, it just came across as amateur.


Switch Back was good, but not strong - not a lot to go on throughout the story, just all the clues coming at the same time right before the denouement. Strong characters and setting, though, made up for any real plot short comings. Ms. Lynn's first full length novel featuring Elliot is on it's way to me and I think it will probably be an entertaining read.


My favorite, was Fool's Gold. Strong characters, expensive "treasure" in the form of a rare chess set, castle's and alchemy all made for a very entertaining short story that was adventure almost as much as it was mystery. I'll definitely be checking out the first full-length novel featuring Jaya Jones.