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Mama Rides Shotgun (A Mace Bauer Mystery #2)

Mama Rides Shotgun - Deborah Sharp

An excellent read - but I have a beef. The last book Mama Does Time, ends with Mace saying she'd had gone on "a date" with Carlos, but that he had needed to move back to Miami to sort things out. A. Date. At the beginning of this book, it's all about how they'd had a full-on relationship and he'd broken it off to move back to Miami. I hate when author's re-invent their character's histories like that. Drives me nuts.


Now that that's off my chest - I'm loving this series so far. As a fourth generation Floridian myself, I thoroughly enjoy this visit to the Florida I grew up in and miss fervently. I get a huge kick out of Mace and her sisters - and I appreciate the reality of family life Ms. Sharp allows when one of the sisters (usually Mace) puts their Mama in her place - and Mama often needs it! It is a refreshing change of pace from those books where the Mother can act like she ought to be riding a broomstick but no one would dare speak a disrespectful word to her.


As much as I like Mace, I have to admit to liking Marty just that little bit better. And I love the pacing and dialogue when the three are playing off each other.


The plot was excellently done - a really well crafted mystery with an ending that I didn't see coming.


I've been suffering a string of books lately that have been flat, disappointing, and lifeless. Mama Rides Shotgun was a delightful cure and a breath of fresh, slightly horsey-scented, air.