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The Hen of the Baskervilles (Meg Langslow Mysteries #15)

Hen of the Baskervilles - Donna Andrews

I'm a huge fan of this series - Meg would be on one of those "book characters you'd like to know/be" lists, if I kept such a thing. Her family is wacky, colourful and eccentric and Meg is an absolute master at controlling all of them without them actually knowing it. I admire that skill. She is the sane, calm eye in the Langslow family cyclone.


Her house sounds like heaven, complete with an out-building for any and all occasions, enough land to grow whatever any family member has a whim to grow, and a motley collection of animals that just keeps growing.


The Hen of the Baskervilles takes place at the Caerphilly County Fair - the "Un"Fair. I really liked that the "un" fair centered on heirloom animals and vegetables and I wish such a thing actually existed relative to where I live. The mystery was up to Ms. Andrews usual standards: complex enough to have multiple viable suspects, at least one twist, and a culprit that won't be obvious to everyone who reads the book.


I'll say it wasn't my favorite of the series, but it's definitely entertaining and a welcome addition to what I hope will be a long continuing series.