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Seed No Evil: A Flower Shop Mystery #14

Seed No Evil - Kate Collins

This one started out slow for me and I was to the point of asking myself why I was continuing on with this series when it all started to click for me and I found myself quite engrossed for the last half.


All the engaging characters are around for this one, including Jillian, who hasn't managed to acquire any new brain cells. The titles and authors of some of the books she was reading made me chuckle, though. Mom was more real in this book and I enjoyed that quite a bit. The whole animal shelter angle tugged at my heartstrings more than I prefer in my cozies, but the author did an excellent job of pointing a light on animal welfare without resorting to graphic scenes to get her point across. Bravo.


The murder plot itself was very well done; even though the author doesn't try overly hard to hide who did it, the climax still left me gasping just that tiny bit; it was excellent! The book's ending was very sweet as well. Would that we could all have our own personal version of Marco...