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Booklikes-opoly 2020; low key edition

2020 has, so far, brought many things: fire, plague, and I hear a swarm of 17-year cicadas are due any moment to the Eastern seaboard of the US.  Good times.  In the midst of this, I'm in a reading slump, so while I love and look forward to the BookLikes games, I've decided I'm probably not prepared to commit - but I don't want to miss out either.  So, I've got my board setup:



and I found a little copper pot to use as a marker.  I'm going to try to play, with the caveat that I'm not going to report/track $ earned; I'll be auditing, rather than playing.  This way I can play without any pressure to be responsible, or rule-abiding.  Hopefully it'll help me get excited about reading again.


My first role of the dice was a 6, which lands me on one of the prescient Stay-cation space.  My choice is Phyllis A. Whitney's Amethyst Dreams.  It takes place in my home country (USA) and has been on my TBR shelves for a couple of years now, since I bought it on a trip home to FL last summer.