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The Bookshop of Yesterdays

The Bookshop of Yesterdays - Amy Meyerson

I didn't much like this book, although the story itself isn't bad.  I'm assuming the author was going for a massive plot reveal, built up from the scavenger hunt the main character is sent on after the death of her uncle.  But that plot twist was obvious to me from the very first part of the book, which made the rest rather anti-climatic, although I still enjoyed the scavenger hunt aspect.


The characters themselves didn't much work for me either; Meyerson's attempt to build complicated, layered characters just resulted in an attitude of indifference; the main character's waffling over the confrontation with her mother; her mother's complete indifference to her daughter's obvious distress; the father's complete check-out of the whole thing; the romantic interest ... totally uninterested in romance.


It just didn't work for me.