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Notorious Nineteen (Stephanie Plum Series #19)

Notorious Nineteen  - Janet Evanovich

As usual, a whole lot of fun. I noticed this book felt a tiny bit more sedate though, less completely outrageous. It works - I really enjoyed the storyline, and the Ranger plot reminded me a lot of the earlier Plum books, humour, but with that thread of seriously creepy. Tiki is pure fun. A fairly nice balance of Ranger and Morelli and although I like them both, I enjoy the Ranger scenes more.


Evanovich is one of the few authors I've ever read who can write a love triangle that I personally can live with and enjoy - I actually hope Stephanie never chooses between the two. There's nothing saying a series must follow the normal 'rules' of reality, so here's hoping for many more Plum books with both Ranger and Morelli.