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I don't even know where to begin



Is everybody doing ok?  Is everybody healthy?  Is everybody maintaining their pre-2020 levels of sanity?


Does everyone have enough toilet paper?



I've been a ghost around here, as life was inadvertently preparing me for the social apocalypse and the very real economic one.  When shit hit the fan here down under last week, I found MT and I to be oddly well-stocked - due to a series of fortunate mistakes* - and I've been able to completely avoid the hoarding insanity that has gripped the world.



I also made the decision this past Monday to self-isolate; as some of you may remember, MT has an autoimmune condition and is on a number of immune suppressants.  I run the IT in two primary schools, and the Australian government, in their infinite wisdom and boundless stupidity, refuse to close any schools.  Because experts.  Don't ask them which experts, they'll just tell you "Australian experts".  


Anywhoo, I am lucky.  My employer is backing me and honestly even the education department - in my state at least - has already started distance learning protocols.  


So, I'm working from home while MT, madly scrambles to keep his business going.  He has 4 employees so social distancing has been easy to implement, and the cancellation of all events has killed business enough that he can put them on half day shifts.  It's just a matter of waiting to see if he, along with everyone else, will be able to stay in business until we reach the other side.  And washing his hands.  A LOT.


I haven't been reading.  At all. 6 weeks without picking up a book unless I've moving it from shelf to shelf or into a box.  Which leads me to an update on the great bookshelf installation of 2020.  It's still in progress, hampered by the fact that I ran out of the  brackets I need, and apparently that bracket is not a popular Elfa item in Australia.  As in, I keep buying out the entire country's stock of the damn things, and then have to wait until a new shipment comes in.  Currently, we've been waiting for the last 30 brackets to be had to arrive and - yay! - notification came that they'll be delivered sometime between today and Monday.


This last week has been so crazy, I felt an overwhelming need to re-read Pride and Prejudice, which I finished this morning.  Ms. Austen is a great comfort to me, but now I'm not sure what, if any, book I'll pick up next.


I've been out playing with cameras and stalking birds a few times since I last checked in, but I'll do a separate post about that because pictures.


I'm hoping a silver lining to all this madness in the world will be that life will slow down a bit and I'll be able to get back to the steady monotony I so dearly cherish and that allows me the very not-monotonous pleasure of spending all my free time here on BookLikes.


By the way - I don't suppose they fixed the 2020 date issue?


I hope everybody is hanging in there; I'm preparing a marathon post catch up next and look forward to finding out how everybody is staying sane.




* - I've been ordering my TP online for the last year, using a subscription service I kept forgetting to update with a longer delivery gap, so we were already well stocked.  I also lost my mind and my dietary principals about 3 weeks ago and ordered a bunch of US junk food - pop-tarts/chex mix/pepperidge farm cookes/root beer - and that order arrived Monday.  I also have a standing order from an organic produce home delivery service, and I'd double ordered last week (placed two orders, but not for the same stuff), and sort of lost track of how much I'd ordered.   We are sooo ok for the short term.