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Hi!  Merry Christmas!


I feel like I've almost been gone long enough to need to re-introduce myself, but really, it's only been 6 weeks or so - but it's by far the longest period I've ever been off Booklikes.  I've missed y'all!


As my post title suggests, I've been in a slump.  Not just a reading slump, but something of a real life slump.  MT and I and our furry, feathered and finned family are all healthy (MT might not be batting 1000 right at the moment, but that's because he's been at the cricket all day - 'nuff said).  But several things in our lives all came to a head at the same time and we both fell off the radar while we dealt with shit; some of it good, some of it not, but none of it, to be clear, catastrophic.  In brief-(ish) bullet points:


• we're in the midst of tying up the very last (they'd freaking better be the very last) loose threads from MT's takeover of the family business, which is requiring far more time, energy and angst than it deserves.  And bankers - I don't like bankers;


* my in-laws sold their house and -  I'm going to really try not to rant here - they're moving to a temporary apartment while the apartment they bought is being built (b/c nobody ever explained the whole cart-before-the-horse thing, apparently). They've decided they have to get rid of, or sell, EVERYTHING.  This included family heirlooms several generations old and - I'm not kidding you - the art their kids made when they were young (it was really good art that received national recognition).  To stave off the shedding of family history, we agreed to take as much as we could feasibly shoe-horn into our tiny house, but made it clear we had to do a massive purge ourselves and we'd need time.  We got one week before my father-in-law started dumping stuff on our doorstep (including things we did NOT agree to take);


• because of the above, our house has been CHAOS - it wasn't this insane when we moved into it and the boxes were our own.


• also as a result of the grand re-shuffling, we've been forced to start a project that's been on the back burner for 6 months or so.  This is a good thing, and I'll talk more about it once the drilling and sawing commence.


• because family chaos wasn't enough, the doves that have been nesting in our backyard for years abandoned a nest a little too close to our house, in a tree under which Carlito does all his lizard hunting.  Birds have mites; when a nest is abandoned, the mites look elsewhere - ooh look! a cat! he might do; cat comes in the house; mites decide the female human tastes better - and she's allergic to the bites.  It took us awhile to thread together how I was getting bit, and in the time it took us to get there we've been battling the almost invisible blood suckers in a multi-fronted war that has involved doing more laundry than two people should have to do in a decade, and my doing some chemistry experiments that MT probably finds concerning, but he's too polite to mention it.  I think we've won though - so yay!  Also, thank god for robot vacuums.


As you can see, these are all first-world problems (except the mites - seriously, I looked like a charity poster child for the pox or something), and if any one of them had happened in isolation, it wouldn't even blip our radar, but they all happened at the same time, with Christmas and the end of the school year (which is insane for me at work) just around the corner.  Nobody would have wanted me around here - I was the Queen of Bitch Mountain.


We're still struggling through some of these things, but on Christmas Eve we both felt we'd turned a corner.  We had a lovely Christmas with friends and today neither of us did anything whatsoever of value.


I've been reading, but not nearly as much, and the biggest testament to my slumpageddon is my failure, for the first time, to come anywhere near my normal yearly reading goal.  And I'm embarrassed, and disappointed, about my complete absence from the Festive Season game.  I thought about it these past weeks, and mentally noted things I intended to do for several tasks, but I just never was able to sit still long enough to pick up the computer, except to google things like 'how to kill mites without burning the house down'.  


I'm going to try to post reviews of the books I've read - though they'll be short - and attempt to catch up on everyone's posts without breaking my BL connection.  I hope everyone celebrating Christmas had a lovely, wonderful holiday - and in case the mites make a comeback, I'll hedge my bets and say Happy New Year!!


Behold, the fearsome plague-bringer. (Now a mite killing machine after a date with Advantage drops.)