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Grave Memory (Alex Craft Series #3)

Grave Memory - Kalayna Price

There's a whole lot going on in this book to Alex, maybe more than 'normal'. A lot of action, and a creepy story line about a 'rider' that jumps from body to body, using them up and then killing them off to jump into the next available body.  I truly enjoy just about every character in this world, and they keep me reading when the story itself gets a little too heavy for my taste.


Alex gets the crap beat out of her, not only physically but much more emotionally this time. And I really, really want to know the deal with her father - I have a suspicion I know who he is, but I want an explanation for the awful indifference he shows towards Alex.


The love triangle between her, Death and Falin not only gets more complicated, but just when I thought it was sorted out, the ending throws everything for a loop. I'm looking forward to the next book!