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Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe

Midnight at the Blackbird Cafe - Heather Webber

I've always enjoyed Heather Webber's cozy mysteries; they're fun, well-written and usually have better-than-average plots.  So when this was announced I was eager to see what she'd come up with when there was no murder.


She didn't disappoint, though the overall tone of the book was a tiny bit too heavy handed for my tastes.  The power of love is a wonderful thing indeed, but my nature is not one that is comfortable with being immersed in heart tugging storylines. 


The book centers on two main characters: one coming to the small town of Wicklow for the first time, to see to the affairs of her grandmother's estate, and at the same time is confronted with her heritage and connection to a town she's never been to.  The second MC is the emotionally neglected daughter of the town's social maven, who has come back to town a widow with toddler in tow.  But the true main character of the book is the town itself and its curious connection to loved ones who have crossed over.


It was a good read, though I sensed the author was struggling to bring balance to the heavier emotions; hints of humour came from most of the characters, but never quite took hold.  If it had, I'd have probably enjoyed the book even more.  Still, I'll happily keep an eye out for more of Webber's work.


I read this book for Halloween Bingo's Magical Realism square.