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The 'Keet

I’m sure most of you have heard about MbD’s interactions with our avian friends last week.

I present to you my abridged, bastardised version of Poe’s classic, The Raven.

It seemed excessive and wrong to title mine The Rainbow Lorikeet...



Once upon an evening cheery, while I rested, weak and weary

Twas reading a novel, thought was new, turns out I’ve read before

While I flirted with some early sleep, Jenn + I heard some squawking

There was no gentle rapping, just a panicked scratching at the chimney door

“What the Hell” I muttered, “Why is there panic at my chimney door?”

Only this, and nothing more…


Presently, Jenn was pleading, insisting on freeing the prisoner

“But Jenn” said I, “what do we do, I know we can’t ignore”

We wished to retire, but faced consequences dire

We could barely hear you, but the cats were staring, staring at the chimney door

Armed with tools and imagination, Jenn found an open door

Darkness there, and something more…


Exhausted in the bedroom, I was useless, always yawning

Suddenly Jenn shrieked, we’d seen a claw, reaching out to explore

“OK”, said I, “this is a disgrace, a creature trapped in the fireplace

You’ve got the torch, let me see, what’s there and let’s explore

Work our best, create a path, and let the beast explore”

Tis not the wind, it’s something more…


The ‘keet, sitting calmly in the chimney flue, burst out

That one act, but in this act, we saw his soul soar

He was screeching and uttering, his feathers truly fluttering

I’d barely muttered  “Now he’s escaped, out! I implore

He’ll surely leave soon, sleep beckons, leave I implore

The ‘keet just laughed, nevermore…


And the ‘keet, finally settled, is ripe for helping, we are helping

On the bookcase, light, picture rails, he refuses the door

His heart knows we’re trying, but his eyes see demons flying

He’s panicking, covering every surface, walls, cupboards and the door

Finally we shift this shadow safely, through the bedroom door

Shall be free forever – Score!


A new day dawned, bright and sweet, and then, a telling “cheep”

When just the night before, we thought “Nevermore” …

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