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I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasion.

Bingo Pre-party 2019: Prompt 2


8/2/2019: Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies or Other?


In order of preference:  Other (Witches), Vampires, Werewolves and I've never read a zombie book, and unless White Trash Zombie falls out of the sky, into my lap, I doubt I ever will.


Witches and Vampires are the closest in preference; thinking about it a bit, I suspect it's because both are generally depicted as intelligent and sometimes downright cerebral.  I don't like stupid, off the page or on.   Werewolves, for this reason, come in a more distant third - not that most of the ones I read are stupid by any measure, just that their supernatural 'power' is more primal/instinctive. Further, at least in the books I read, lycanthropy is generally thrust upon a victim unwillingly and result in a lot of rage and violence.  This is also certainly true of vampirism in at least half the stories, but there's a greater preponderance of characters that choose vampirism as an acceptable cost of immortality, and self-control is always a requirement.  If I'm going to read about paranormal characters, I prefer them to be refined and civilised.


My issues with zombies has already been perfectly summed up by Chris's Fish Place, in her most for the same prompt: Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, or something else.  Seriously, she nailed it.  Thanks Chris! :)