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It was either this or I was moving back to the USA...

As many of you know, I am perennially pissed-off with the lack of audio rights in Australia, constantly frustrated every time I try to find an audiobook either at my library or online, only to be told "sorry, this book is not available in your country".  


The last straw was Kevin Hearn and Delilah Dawson's Kill the Farm Boy, which has come highly recommended by several people specifically in audio.  And it cannot be had here in the land that audio publishing forgot.


So a couple of days ago, I did some serious googling on US public libraries that allow non-residents to purchase a library card.  Almost none of them allow out-of-country memberships, but I found two that do:  Orange County Library System in Florida, and Philadelphia Free Library.  


I went with OCLS, because frankly, they responded to my application first.  The fee is $125 a year, which is steep, but works out to about $10 bucks a month, which is cheaper than Audible, and I go through at least 12 audiobooks a year.


Everything went through this morning, and I spent 2 giddy hours going through my Libby app and placing holds with wild abandon.  First up:  Kill the Farm Boy, of course. 


Color me a very happy camper.  May all that is good and bright heap blessings upon the Orange County Library System.