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I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasion.

Bingo Pre-party 2019: I'll go first!

Moonlight Reader has added something new to Halloween Bingo, amping up the anticipation for the 2019 game kick-off.  This had, for me, unexpected results, as seen below.  But first, as it's August 1st here, the first question:



Mystery or Horror?  Ths one isn't going to be a very interesting - or surprising - answer coming from me.  Mystery.  Oh my god, mystery.  I can't do horror in any form except mildly scary ghost stories.  And psychological horror?  Forget it.  No disrespect to lovers of either genre, but I'd rather read a bodice ripper; I'd be just as disinterested, but at least I'd sleep without waking in screaming terror.


A combination of my recent vacation and a general year-long decline of my reading mojo had me fizzling out rather dramatically in Booklikes-opoly, but I'm looking forward.  Specifically to Halloween Bingo, of course.   It started with putting my TBR Brother Cadfael books in order, but I started thinking they'd be good for Halloween Bingo.  I started eyeing the bookcase they were in, thinking of past bingo prompts, started doing a bit of shuffling, and in no time at all, I had created a Halloween Bingo 2019 TBR bookshelf:


with an unexpected photo bomb by Carlito.


Everything in the book case and the small pile on the right is a potential fit for potential Halloween Bingo prompts (the piles on the left are the foothills of the general TBR range). There's a whole other shelf of possible MMP books, but the majority of anything mystery, UF, paranormal, etc. is here.  Hopefully, this will make it easier to find titles amidst the sprawling, foundation-crippling mountain range I'm optimistically claiming I'm going to read someday.


Only 30 more days 'till Halloween Bingo!