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Booklikes-opoly 2019 - MbD's update #8

About a week ago, I was stuck waiting somewhere (the eye doctor, I think) unexpectedly and didn't have a book, so in desperation, looked on the app store for a free game that I could kill some time with.  I found one and have become stupidly addicted to the damn thing.  Which is the no-excuse reason why I'm just now getting around to posting the update I should have done two days ago, after finishing Beach Town for space 11: a book set in a beach town. That was 434 pages of 'meh' but it nets me another $5, so it was totally worth it.


I rolled again immediately after finishing Beach Town, as I was on my way to bed and of course, because I was on my way to bed, the roll turned out to be complicated.


First, I rolled an 8 which put me on Free Parking:


Rolling again to see where Free Parking would put me, I got a 6, (I didn't think to take a picture of the dice) which meant I was sent past GO! ($5) to the Race Car.  


Putting that into my pocket for later, I rolled again and got another 6, which takes me completely back around the board to space #13: Read a book with sunglasses, swimsuit or other beachy items on the cover, or that has a cover that is more than 50% yellow.


For this, I chose:

The Shakespeare Requirement - Julie Schumacher 

It's yellow, and Shakespeare is rocking the sunnies!



5/20/19: Beginning balance, $20.00
5/22/19: Skinny-dipping, +$3.00
5/24/19: Cedar Valley, +$3.00
5/24/19: Garden Spells, +$3.00
5/25/19: A Lighthearted Quest, +$2.00 (dnf) (Memorial Day bonus roll #1)
5/25/19: Passed GO!, +$5.00
5/25/19: The Mystery of Cloomber, +$3.00 (Memorial Day bonus roll #2)
5/26/19: Grave Destiny, +$3.00

6/02/19: The Norse Myths, +3.00

6/02/19: Passed GO!, +$5.00

6/06/19: The Nine Tailors, +$3.00

6/08/19: The Library of the Lost and Found, +$3.00

6/10/19: Beach Town, +$5.00

6/10/19: Passed GO!, +$5.00  (via Free Parking / Race Car)

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