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I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasion.

I'm in a funk ... (there's a book at the end of this, I swear)

a funk that encompasses many existential levels:


On a global level, my funk is fuelled by the climate crisis and the unwillingness to take it seriously.  Headlines about having only 12 years to save the planet are arresting though hyperbolic; the planet will survive whatever we do to it, until the day the sun swallows it whole (or it's vaporised for an intergalactic by-pass).  Humanity, on the other hand ... I don't like humanity's chances.


On the national level, there is the lunatic asylum that is my home country, and my current country of residence seems hellbent for leather to join the crazy.  Elections here are tomorrow and the current government is running for reelection on every platform EXCEPT the environment, which they are determined to ignore.  If they lose there's hope; otherwise, see global funk, above.


On the home-front level, things aren't bad, but my funk is being fuelled by a constant stream of ceaseless distractions.  Crazy work and bad colds screwing with my narcolepsy management.  MT's business, after 25 years in the same location, has been told by the building management that they aren't renewing his lease because he has a prime, corner space in the 'hip' restaurant district, and they want to put in a new restaurant so they can make more money (ignoring the 80% failure rate of restaurants in the first year).  So he had to find a new space (less than a block away) that's going to require significant renovations (it used to be - HA! - a restaurant!), the costs of which turn my blood to ice.  But never mind that, it's business; it's also a mind numbing number of daily conversations about the space, the contractors, the new landlords, the move, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.  (There might be a silver lining though; tbd.)  And finally, there was grief: we had to say goodbye to Wasabi a few months back; his heart, his age, and blood cancer all caught up with him.  It wasn't a surprise; we'd known for a few months it was coming, but it still hurt.  I'd say we all miss him, but that wouldn't strictly be true; Easter-cat has never been happier.  The rest of us miss him though.


And since I'm throwing it all out there, on a soul-sanctuary level, my funk has also been snacking on completely unrelated events here on BookLikes that nobody is in anyway personally responsible for, but added together become a high-fat-funk-fuel.  The struggle The Flat Book Society has had choosing a book the majority enjoy; the anxiety many have shared about our beloved BookLikes' future; the tension between members, the likes of which - still FAR more polite and respectful relative to elsewhere - have been heretofore unheard of in this bookish paradise.  None of it unreasonable, but all of it demoralising when lumped together.


Now, don't get me wrong: this is just a funk; I'm not depressed by any definition, just restless.  Maybe a tad more impatient; more unwilling to lend my attention to anything that hints at being confronting or difficult.  A little over it all. I've been burying myself in a lot of re-reads which is great, and I've been catching up on my science periodicals (which probably isn't helping).  And honestly, ignoring everything else, because it all feels that little bit too hard at the moment.  


Here's where the book comes in:  Today I indulged in a humongous spot of comfort/retail-therapy by massively splurging and buying Alexander von Humboldt: The Complete Drawings from the American Travel Journals by Ottmar Ette and Alexander von Humboldt and Julia Bayerl :


Alexander von Humboldt: The Complete Drawings from the American Travel Journals - Ottmar Ette,Alexander von Humboldt,Julia Bayerl 

This slipcovered beauty contains "450 illustrations have been painstakingly reproduced, complete with handwritten notes, ink stains and water spots." It's also beautifully bound and comes with it's own slipcover.  I'm SUCH a SUCKER for slipcovered books. And ribbon page markers - it has one of those too!  ;-)


I also ordered Dinosaurs Rediscovered by Michael J. Benton  which may or may not be a cause of comfort - we'll see.  They both should arrive first of next week (I ordered local) and I am giddy with anticipation.  Progress!!