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How to Date Your Dragon

How to Date Your Dragon - Molly Harper,  Amanda Ronconi, Jonathan Davis

Molly Harper is always fun.  How to Date a Dragon is no different; it is the first of a new series set in a new place (fictional Mystic Bayou in Louisiana), and new characters.  


Mostly, this story is about the romance, but there's also a nominal mystery (I say nominal because the murderer was obvious to me from the start).  There's also a much more obvious relevance to today's societal ... let's call them challenges.  Mystic Bayou is a small community where supernaturals and humans live together peacefully and cooperatively, and Jillian is the anthropologist sent to do a study of how they make it work.  Not a stretch, really, to apply this to our current climate, though Harper doesn't go out of her way to make a point out of it.  Really, it's mostly about a romance.  With a dragon.


I usually enjoy the audio for Molly Harper's books (though I skip the sex scenes, because eew... I don't need someone reading a sex scene to me).  I enjoyed this one too, but Audible decided to not only use Amanda Ronconi, Harper's usual - and excellent - narrator, but Jonathan Davis; Harper wrote How to Date Your Dragon with alternating POVs, and Davis does Bael's chapters.  He does a credible job, and I know this sounds like a good idea in concept, but the problem I had was that both narrators are narrating the same characters.  Davis tries to keep the spirit of Ronconi's interpretation, but his voice is, of course, not hers, and I found the disparity between the same character's voice between chapters jarring.  I'd have preferred Ronconi doing the whole thing.  But that's just me.


There's a second book out, with the same setting but different MCs, and I'll definitely be checking it out sooner rather than later.