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2018 Reading in Review (Also 24 Tasks of the Festive Season: New Year Eve, Task #2)

Let's get the trite over with:  Wow, I can't believe 2018 is over already.


Ok.  As usual up until this point, my reading year was pretty good.  I say 'as usual' because I almost without exception buy my books, and am therefore pretty persnickety about my reads, creating a bias towards books I'll enjoy.   I say 'up until this point' because this year's trip home had me acquiring books with what could be called a wild abandon.  Some of them were free (book conference), and some of them so cheap I felt like I could afford to live on the edge.  So, coming years might not be so predictable. 


Anyway, here are some stats:

I read (to date - the year's not over yet) 226 books in 2018.


The ratings and subject breakdowns in pie charts:






I had 20 5 star reads; 4 of them were re-reads, and 10 were non-fiction.


Sharks And Other Sea Monsters - Robert Sabuda,Matthew Reinhart  The Compleat Ankh-Morpork - Terry Pratchett  Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science-and the World - Rachel Swaby  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Hogwarts Library Book) - Newt Scamander,J.K. Rowling  The Disappearing Dictionary: A Treasury of Lost English Dialect Words - David Crystal  I Contain Multitudes - Ed Yong  The Broken Girls - Simone St. James  Magic Triumphs - Ilona Andrews  The Case of the Baker Street Irregulars - Anthony Boucher  Swearing Is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language - Emma Byrne  The Diary of a Bookseller - Shaun Bythell  This Time Together: Laughter and Reflection - Carol Burnett  File on Fenton & Farr - Q. Patrick  Poe's Best Poems: The Masque of the Red Death - Edgar Allan Poe  At the Existentialist Café: Freedom, Being, and Apricot Cocktails - Sarah Bakewell 




My reading by gender breakdown for 2018 was much the same as previous years, with the female authors trouncing the men.  




That second chart is from LibraryThing, and while probably not strictly accurate (because my shelves over there are a mess), it's definitely a fair representation of my library as a whole.


Overall, I have nothing to complain about.  I hit my reading goal for the year in August/September and my reading paced slowed way down after that, as it always does, though this year the slow down didn't taper off and I fell into a slump.  Life is too busy for my liking, but oh well.


My TBR project, started at the beginning of the year, went really well for the first 6 months, even with an unexpected purchase of nearly the entire Agatha Christie collection - a bargain at a library sale that could not be passed by.  But my visit to the US and my attendance at Bouchercon in September put PAID on any attempts I made to whittle down the TBR.  Instead I think it damn near doubled in size.  Such is life.  Maybe next year...


I'll leave you with my Christmas Socks...