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I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasion.

24 Festive Tasks: Russian Mother's Day, Task #1 and #3 (with a brief nod to #2)

Task 1:  Tell us: What is the mother of all writerly sins in your book (tropes, grammar mistakes, telling instead of showing, etc.)?


Oof... This is a tough one.  I get the most jacked about grammar and spelling errors in a published book, especially the egregious lack of editing to be found in some of the Big 5's output ::looking at you, Penguin/Berkeley:: but while I grump and complain about them, I don't think I'd call them the "mother of all books sins".  


For me, the mother of all writerly sins is writing for the sake of the art, as opposed to writing because a story is going to eat you alive unless you get it on the page.  Writing with the goal of creating a 'literary masterpiece' is, in my opinion, a failure from the start, because it lacks sincerity and integrity.  I can respect a story that screams to be told, and if it's screaming to be told in a way that is new, cutting-edge, funky, then so be it.  


I also don't care for writers that don't care about making their stories the best they can be - that means doing the historical research, or making sure you get your details correct.



Task 2:  Do you have a favorite Mothers’ Day memory that you are happy to share?  Photos welcome but optional.


My mom, for most of my life, owned a flower shop.  An unintended consequence of which was a complete and utter exhaustion on just about every major and Hallmark holiday.  Valentine's Day was the worst, and she'd swear an undying hatred of roses every February 15th.  Mother's Day though, was a close second.  Because what does everyone who can't be with their mom do?  They send flowers.  The result of this was a mom that could not be stuffed doing anything on Mother's Day, and just wanted to be LEFT ALONE.  She'd go to church, come home and read all day, and likely we took her out to dinner.  But really, she didn't want a fuss made, and so no fuss was made.



Task 3:  Perhaps the best-known scene in the James Bond novel and film From Russia With Love is 007 being poisoned by Russian agent Rosa Klebb with a venom-laced blade hidden in her shoe.  Tell us: Have you ever owned any particular / outrageous / funny / best-beloved or otherwise special pair of shoes?  Post a photo if you should still own them.


Oh, I still own them.  They're rough looking, but I'll probably own them (and wear them) until either they or myself shuffle off this mortal coil, whichever comes first.  They're a pair of Keds.  What's special about these Keds is the stitching (my house has crap lighting so this was the best I could do):



My baseball shoes!  :)


Whenever I remember, I make sure to wear them on the opening day of Spring Training and the opening day of Baseball season.  As a kid I played sandlot baseball 5 days out of 7, little league on the 6th day and sulked on Sundays - or snuck away to the park to watch the grown ups play - so these shoes feel like they were made just for me.