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24 Festive Tasks: Diwali, Task #1

Task 1:  Share a picture of your favorite light display.


I have photos from Montreal years ago, taken during what might have been a Diwali Festival, though I'm not sure.  It was many years ago and the memories are fuzzy, but most of the displays were creations like this one:



The other favorite is from just this past June; an art installation in the middle of the Australian desert, outside Uluru (Ayers Rock), called Field of Light.  It consisted of 7 US football fields of hand blown globes, filled with changing LED lights.  You can't get there by car, so it's either camel or tour bus and of course, it's pitch black out there, so these pictures don't really do it justice:


This is how you first see it, from a distant sand dune.  Once it's all lit up and truly full dark, you can walk amongst them and watch as they change colors.