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Playing tourist - part 2: the scenery (Photo heavy)

If you're seeing this in your dash, it's probably in the wrong order, but oh well.  


Along with the Aussie Animal spotting, there was an incredible amount of hiking done.  The pedometer on my phone (which I had with me about 90% of the time) reports that in the 8 days she was here we walked 67 kilometres, or 41.6 miles.  It wasn't the steps that just about did us in though, it was the climbing.  iPhone reports 125 floors worth.  It was worth every gasping breath, not only for the wildlife, but the breathtaking (literally in some cases) views, and a few adventures.  We covered a mix of coastal bushland and mountain rain forests.  Most of the mountain rain forests looked like this:


(Made even better by the name of the area:  Sassafrass)  


The coastal bushland though... that's where I'm going to inundate you with photos:


The 12 Apostles:

(don't count them - 2 are behind me and 4 have collapsed)


The London Bridge (what's left of it):


An unnamed nook we found while hiking over the rocks on the shore (that's me):


The Nobbies (there's a cave down there you can see, which they call a blowhole - a case of 'that word doesn't mean what you think it means'):


and Cape Woolamai:



I swear on every book I own those blues and greens are the real thing - no filters or photoshopping was involved in the posting of these pictures (except to resize them).  The Great Ocean Road might be the most photogenic place in Australia.  I could spend hours talking about how much fun we had, but I like you all, so I won't.  Suffice it to say it was a blast; I got to act like a 14 year old tourist, wandering around, exploring at whim, with a great friend who was as curious as I am and game to try it all.