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Key West - the NON book post: beaches, butterflies, birds and ... chickens.

Fun fact about Key West:  the inhabitants of this little island take the term free range seriously.  Hens and roosters are everywhere.  Sunrise is an orchestral chorus of cock-a-doodle-do's.  


Why so many chickens?  Florida rambler says it more succinctly than I could:

Key West residents call them gypsy chickens.  When people stopped the laborious process of turning live chickens into Sunday dinner many decades ago, some backyard chickens gained their freedom. Other roosters were released when cock-fighting became illegal.


The chickens of Key West:

Rooster waiting for CVS pharmacy to open:


Rooster in tree:


Will he?  


Yes, yes he will:


The prettiest rooster on the Key:


It wasn't all roosters running around though:


There's also a butterfly conservatory on the island, and believe me when I tell you it's amazing.  It's been there 20 years now and the conservatory is gorgeous, well maintained and teeming with butterflies.  My photos don't do the selection justice but a few highlights:



There were a few birds in the conservatory too, and I was so busy trying to capture them that I totally forgot to snap a picture of the boards identifying them.  So that's a future rainy day project.  But they're just too pretty not to share:



and finally, the beaches, the water and the sunsets, er... sunrises.  It was cloudy the two evenings we were there, so there was no sunsets.





(wavy lines courtesy of my rushing through the panorama picture process)


That's it - no more pictures!  Holiday officially over.  *sniffle*