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This happened today ...

"Friends of the Library bookstores throughout Sarasota County reported a mysterious woman coming in and buying large stacks of books, with one location claiming she tried to pay with 'funny money that had some old woman wearing a crown on it.'"


My mom, sister and I did a book trail today, stopping at all except one of the Friends of the Library bookshops in the county (we ran out of time for the last one).


I am unrepentant.  Also, I need to go to Office Depot before their 'buy 2 get 1 free' promotion on shipping supplies ends.  I'm going to need more boxes.


The fab find of the day was this 2 volume Annotated Sherlock Holmes, fully illustrated and, while obviously appreciated by its previous owner, is in excellent condition.  It was also only $14.



One of the maps inside:


I can't tell you how impressed I was with every FOTL store we went to - beautiful stock, well organised and in a well lit, well cared for space.  The main branch store is actually the size of a retail bookshop and was running a "fill a bag for a buck" sale on one wall of books which, oh-thank-heaven didn't have any titles I was mad keen to have.  I filled several bags without any fiscal motivation.


The 2 humorous highlights of the day happened at our first and last stops:

Volunteer:  Now dear, these three are $4.00.  [3 brand new hardcovers]

Me: I know, that's fine.

Volunteer:  Each.

Me: Really, it's ok.

Volunteer: Are you sure dear?

Me: I swear, it's really ok.


Man at counter, looking through a German dictionary he's considering: Boy, it sure has a lot of words in it.

Volunteer:  It's a dictionary; they generally do have a lot of words.  Languages have a lot of words.


My sister and I almost swallowed our tongues trying not to laugh out loud.