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Murder by Death

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Something to look forward to for us Golden Age of Crime fans...

Bodies from the Library - Leo Bruce, Ernest Bramah, Anthony Berkeley, John Rhode, H.C. Bailey, Nicholas Blake, Tony Medawar, Roy Vickers, J.J. Connington, Christianna Brand, Agatha Christie, Georgette Heyer, A.A. Milne

coming out 15 January next year.


Highlight from the description:


This anthology brings together 16 forgotten tales that have either been published only once before—perhaps in a newspaper or rare magazine—or have never before appeared in print. From a previously unpublished 1917 script featuring Ernest Bramah’s blind detective Max Carrados, to early 1950s crime stories written for London’s Evening Standard by Cyril Hare, Freeman Wills Crofts and A.A. Milne, it spans five decades of writing by masters of the Golden Age.


Most anticipated of all are the contributions by women writers: the first detective story by Georgette Heyer, unseen since 1923; an unpublished story by Christianna Brand, creator of Nanny McPhee; and a dark tale by Agatha Christie published only in an Australian journal in 1922 during her ‘Grand Tour’ of the British Empire.


(emphasis mine)


That's an automatic "buy" for my TBR come January...