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There's no place like home ... for blowing up your TBR busting project

On the 24th of this month, after 4 years of epic procrastination (I dislike flying), I'm going home for three weeks.   This is going to have a number of consequences to my life at a bibliophilic level.  Halloween Book Bingo is starting September 1st, so the first two weeks of bingo I'll be away from my books and therefore unable to read books as calls come through.  This isn't going to be as big a problem as it could be, both because my mom lives across the street from a Friends of the Library shop, where I'm known for cleaning the place out, and because from September 6-9, 


I'll be at Bouchercon!!!!


For those outside the USA, Bouchercon is an annual Mystery lover's book conference, and this year it's in St. Petersburg, a very easy drive from mom's house.


I'm very excited about this:  my first book conference!  A couple of my favourite authors are attending, and there are several panels that sound interesting, but let's be real here: I'm in it for the books. The free ones, the ones to be found in the book room.  All. the. books.


Who's going to be my best friend for three weeks in the states?  The US Postal service, that's who.  Between the FOTL sales and Bouchercon, I'm going to be on a first name basis with mom's local post office.


This is, of course, going to absolutely destroy my TBR reducing project for this year.  I'd managed to do really well up until this point, even with my pre-order binge in June, I've stayed ahead of the game, managing to read 2 books off my TBR piles for every 1 I bought. Not after September though; even with my built in loophole of 'free/gift books don't count', history shows I stand no chance.


As a bonafide book addict, I am, of course, ok with this.  After all, I finally get to attend a mystery readers' book conference.  Now is now the time to develop literary self-discipline.