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It's that time again - reminders from your friendly librarian.

With BookLikes' automated import on search functionality in limbo (please for not much longer), everyone not finding their books in the system is adding them - YAY!  BUT...that means the queue of approvals for librarians is so. much. longer.


That's totally fine, but in order to churn through them in a timely manner it becomes more important than ever to keep the following in mind:


Covers:  Changing covers must have a valid source librarians can verify.  Librarians won't change covers without source URLs.  Please note:  Goodreads error rate has gone significantly up, they are no longer a reliable source for correct cover art.  Librarians may or may not accept a request depending on other sources.


Some ISBNs have multiple cover art.  If your book is one of them, please file a report (flag icon on book page) to indicate you would like to have an alternate cover edition made, providing a valid source URL for your cover of choice, and the ISBN it is an alternate for.  I do not recommend trying to change an edition's cover with alternative art - it may or may not be accepted depending on what the librarian finds.


Titles:  DO NOT include series information in the title.  DO NOT include the format in the title.  Just the title please.  And  a subtitle if applicable.  Series are not subtitles.  Please use the series field for series.


ISBN/ASIN fields:  I cannot stress this enough:


Hardcovers and paperbacks get ISBNs only.  NEVER USE AN ASIN FOR THESE!



Kindles get ASINs only:  NEVER USE ISBNs FOR THESE!


Please add seperate editions for ebooks and kindles.  Librarians will not leave records with both ISBNs and ASINs. 


Audible audiobooks get ASINs.  Digital download audiobooks from EVERYWHERE ELSE get an ISBN.

Seriously, the number of "ebooks" with ASINs that come through AND the number of "kindles" that have only ISBNs drives me a little nutty.


Books without any ISBN or ASIN need valid source URLs.  Please make an effort to find the ISBNs or ASINs.   If you add a book without either of these numbers and there are matching editions that DO have them, your added book will be merged with the edition that is correctly identified.   (Note: see alternate cover notes above if this applies.)


Format:  Please see my rather frantic notes above under ISBN/ASIN.




Descriptions:  Please do not include quotes from other authors, notes from the author of the book, a list of other titles, or any other marketing material that is not directly describing the plot of the book you're adding.  If you do, it'll likely be removed.


While I'm on that subject - When editing author records, please keep the bio of the author to being an actual bio.  NO MARKETING, no title lists, no quotes from other authors, no announcements of book sales, upcoming releases or free stuff in exchange for a newsletter subscription.  These will also be removed.



Please feel free to reblog this if you think you can get it to a wider audience.  Complete records for new added books will help librarians get through  the lists faster and free up their time to clean up other parts of the database that are in urgent need to attention.


Thank you from your friendly (mostly) neighborhood librarian.s