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I Contain Multitudes - Ed Yong

Talk about packing it in - the last 50 pages have been dense with fascinating information.  I loved reading about the squid, the hyenas sort of squicked me out a bit (beware strange pastes on savannah grass), and Wolbachia... what can be said about Wolbachia other than they are the feminists of the bacterial world.  


I've known for some time about the duality of bacteria, the thin line between beneficial and lethal, but I was pretty surprised to read that viruses offer humans (and other animals) that same dual nature.  I knew scientists were using modified viruses as delivery mechanisms, but the idea that they naturally exist within our physiology and that we're reliant on them to control rogue bacteria was new to me.  It really does seem that the more I learn, the harder it becomes to categorise anything in the world as purely good or purely evil.


Except cockroaches.  Nobody will ever convince me they're anything other than satan's little minions.