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The Case of the Baker Street Irregulars - Anthony Boucher

Disclaimer and dedication before the beginning of the book:


All characters portrayed or referred to in this novel are fictitious, with the exception of Sherlock Holmes, to whom this book is dedicated.


I'm predisposed to 5 star this book and I haven't even started it yet.


I laughed myself silly through the prologue, which included The Baker Street Irregular's Constitution and manifesto:


From the constitution:

Article IV:

The officers [of the Baker Street Irregulars] shall be: a Gasogene, a Tantalus, and a Commissionaire.


But then there's this, on page 59:


But ignorant though I am, I cannot help thinking and feeling and worrying.  And it seems to me, Miss O'Breen, that to forswear mercy is to forswear humanity.  If to destroy evil we take up its very weapons, we shall learn in time that all we have destroyed is the best in ourselves."


Early pages yet, but it's clear it won't be all silliness and parody.