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This Is What a Librarian Looks Like: A Celebration of Libraries, Communities, and Access to Information - Kyle Cassidy

I've just read the most amazing essay about a little library in Shutesbury, Massachussetts that desperately needs more space to serve its small community.  I won't bore everyone with the details but its left me so steaming and misty eyed, that all I can think is this:


If I were wealthy, I'd build Shutesbury their library, with all the space and running water (yep! Plumbing would be a step up!) they needed and I'd give them an endowment to run it with.  But I'd find out the name of every single jackass that voted against the new space, because they didn't want to pay an extra $80 in taxes each year, and my funding would be contingent on those people - and just those people (not their kids, for example) - paying an annual membership fee to use any and all of the services offered by that library.  The membership fee?  


$80.01 per annum.  





(source for details about this beleaguered library can be found here.)