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The Curse of La Fontaine (Verlaque and Bonnet Mysteries, #6)

The Curse of La Fontaine - M.L. Longworth

This one was better than #5, but not quite as compelling as the first few.  But I think that's to be expected as a series progresses: familiarity with the characters and the storytelling creates a higher set of expectations.


Love has made Verlaque soft.  This isn't a bad thing, but I'll admit he's slightly less interesting now that the sharp edges have been softened.  Marine had far fewer pages in this book, which was a little bit of a disappointment; I liked her presence and contributions to earlier cases in previous books.  


There were several plots going at once, all interwoven together and delightfully - and believably - muddying each others' waters.  Almost all of the stories were interesting (one was a bit meh) and the resolution concerning the murder victim's drug usage/dealing was  so very cheeky; I loved it.  In the background runs the Curse of La Fontaine, adding a touch of atmosphere to everything.


I'm thoroughly enjoying this series and am very pleased there's another one on its way; I'm really looking forward to its release.


This works for the Book themes for Advent: [...] or a book featuring 4 siblings.   The murder victim is 1 of 4 brothers, and at least one of the other brothers plays a significant part in the book; the other two brothers appear frequently as well. 


(With this cover, it also works for the Pancha Ganapati book theme: the cover is entirely yellow, with orange text and black illustrations.)