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16 Tasks of the Festive Season - Almost the task for St. Martin's day, but not quite... (Square #3)

As I've mentioned, nobody wants me writing poetry/rhymes, and yeast-recipes and I are not friends (unless you're looking for bricks, then I'm your woman!).  I also don't drink wine much, BUT... I found myself staying in the middle of a vineyard over the weekend, so even though it doesn't count for any points, it still seemed a fitting tribute to St. Martin:


That's the full moon, setting over the vineyards.  Please don't ask what time it was; it was oh-god-early.  In fact, the sun hadn't officially risen yet (I ❤️ my camera!). 


Taken a little later as the sun was rising, which perversely messed with the contrast, but you can see Safety Beach there to the left of the hill, on the horizon.