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Death in Dark Blue (Writer's Apprentice Mystery, #2)

Death in Dark Blue - Julia Buckley

The author has done something interesting in this series (for a cozy), making it one you definitely want to read in order.   Each book has its requisite self-contained murder mystery, but there's a much more interesting mystery arcing over several books, concerning an innocent man being accused of murdering his missing wife.


This mystery arc keeps things interesting and kept me reading, even when I thought the MC was way overdoing her hero-worship of her boss (a famous author), which luckily is only at its worst at the very start.  The MC is generally too sunny and optimistic, actually.  I like her, but she seems to be missing depth that comes from the more complex emotions, so that even when she's 'angry' it's impossible to take it seriously.


But those are small characterisation issues; the rest of the mystery is really different and quite interesting.  I love the amount of research the characters involve themselves in as a means of trying to 'investigate', rather than bumbling about interrogating their neighbours. And I really wanted to find out how the multi-book story arc ended, staying up way too late last night in order to do so.  Of course, just when one part ended, another started, guaranteeing a continuation of the intrigue through at least one more book.


LOTS of potential with this series, if the author can continue the great plotting and can tighten up the characters a bit.