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Booklikes-opoly: Post Game Review.

I've just submitted the review for my last BookLikes-opoly read, and before I do anything else, I want to thank Moonlight Reader and Obsidian Blue for all their work, creativity, patience and generosity.  This game has been a whole lot of fun and I've enjoyed reading everybody's game updates (go magnetic monkey!) and seeing everyone's game-space selections.



Some personal game stats:


I read 58 books for BookLikes-opoly, 16,881 pages.


My goal for this game was to clear off some of the older books languishing on my TBR piles.  This was mostly a success, as 21 of the books were physically on my piles for 1 year or longer.


2 books tied for 'on the pile the longest' at 2 years and 11 months:  One of Our Thursdays Is Missing by Jasper Fforde  and Evanly Bodies by Rhys Bowen  


4 other books had been on the pile over 2 years and

15 books were hanging around between 1 and 2 years.


I only DNF'd 1 book (August Folly by Angela Thirkell) and I failed to read books for 3 spaces, a result of being overly optimistic about how much reading I'd do on holiday).  I had a chance to make up for this though, because as luck would have it, we had a 2-week school holiday in June that gave me much more time to read).


After the new rules were introduced in mid-June, I landed on 3 spaces twice;

2 spaces three times, and

3 spaces that were completely new to me.


The space I landed on the most was #8, which I landed on 4 times during the game.  I landed on #25 3 times and #17 twice and #35 once, making the mystery squares overall my most landed on spaces by a huge margin.  Next most frequent was small town USA (#10), which I hit three times.


My complete list of books is here.


How about everyone else?  Have you met your personal game goals?