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Body in the Bayou (Cajun Country Mystery, #2)

Body on the Bayou - Ellen Byron

The writing could be a little bit tighter, but as it is, this was a good cozy mystery that kept me reading pretty much non-stop.


The start was a little slow, and the writer forced the reader to endure a romantic conflict a la tortured silence that I could have done without and she drove me crazy with all the silly euphemisms for swearing, but the ending had me reaching for the kleenex.  That last page bumped my rating up to the full 4 stars both because it was touching and unexpected without being at all overplayed.  


The mystery plotting was well done; I was inclined at first to criticise the author for taking the route of fingering the least involved character, but thinking about it, the clues were there and I just didn't put them together.  My bad, not hers.


A fun cozy with a heart warming sweet side, a little zaniness, and a pretty good murder mystery.



Total pages:  310

$$: $6.00   

(Lots of crying on the pages; a little teariness off the pages.)