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I read cozy and historical mysteries, a bit of Paranormal/UF, and to mix it up, I read science and gardening books on occasion.

BookLikes-opoly: Turn 29 (June 27th)


I finally found a site that rolls a 12 sided dice and gives you images, but boy did it give me a funky one (https://dicelog.com/dice if anyone is interested):




Thank goodness it told me the results in plain text too, or I'm not sure I'd have figured out what that dice was telling me.


#1: Let a BL friend choose your book! Post a list of 4 books - first one to comment chooses your next read.  So here are my four:


Of Books and Bagpipes - Paige Shelton  Sticks and Bones - Carolyn Haines   One of Our Thursdays Is Missing - Jasper Fforde   Dangerous To Know - Renee Patrick  


Of Books and Bagpipes - Cozy set in an Edinburgh book shop.

Sticks and Bones - Paranormal cozy set in Mississippi

One of Our Thursdays Is Missing - Undefinable.  Closest I can come is a woman who can jump into books does stuff.  There are dodos.

Dangerous To Know - Historical mystery set in 1938 Hollywood and features Edith Head as an MC.


What do you say?