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Platypus - Ann Moyal

For Christmas a year and a half ago, my SIL bought me the chance to swim and play with a platypus at Healesville Sanctuary, the conservation facility that has been dedicated to the care and study of platypuses since the early 1900's.  It was, hands down, one of the best, if not the best, wildlife experiences I have ever had.


that's me with my new bestest friend!


I was besotted.  Besotted in the way that almost required me being physically dragged from the pool when it was time to leave.


So imagine my disappointment when I started reading Platypus and discovered not so much a book about platypuses, but a book on the human history of discovery and research on platypuses.  All of which apparently required an overabundance of killing, preserving and dissecting these wonderful, adorable, sweet animals.  The first approximately 190 pages of the slim 206 page book was not much more than a recitation of what could pretty much be defined as harvesting. 


Not. happy.


I went with three stars in a huge effort to be fair; it's relatively well-written (a bit dry) and for many this might have been exactly what they were expecting from the book.  I recognise the dichotomy that often arises from my adoration of animals and my love of science.  The last 15 pages or so was much more what I'd been expecting of the whole book and at least left me feeling somewhat upbeat, but on the whole, I did not like this book.





Total pages:  205

$$:  $3.00